Buddyfight Ace Buddy Lineage booster pack

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Future Card Buddyfight Ace: Buddy Lineage Alternative Booster
Buddy Lineage contains cards from S-CP01 and S-UB03. This booster hosts not only a brand new attribute used by a new character in the animation, but many popular monsters from the past series will get an upgraded form too! Truly, a lineage of buddies to be collected in this booster!Every Buddy Lineage box is guaranteed to contain a BR, SP, or a bonus SECRET pack!! Every box is a winner!Or maybe... you'll get the new Chronicle Rare!?As is usual in Alternate Boosters, some cards are getting the RRR-treatment! This means they will get hot-stamp and texture emboss, giving them the luxurious feel that card fans adore! These RRR-treated cards can only be found in the English editionIncluded Worlds: ALL!Total: 127 typesCR: 1/ BR: 5 / SP: 3 / SECRET: 25 / RRR: 8 / RR: 15 / R: 29 / C: 41(Reissues: 11)5 cards in 1 packEvery pack guaranteed one R or above rarity card!Every box guaranteed bonus SECRET pack or high-rarity card!!Parallel foils of commons and rares are randomly inserted.30 packs in 1 display16 displays in 1 carton