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Weekly Gaming Event Information

Yugioh Madness

List of our weekly events for NOVEMBER 2019

Please check our website at for updates or give us a call at 217-212-9150.  You can also follow us on our Facebook page at as well to get all the updates.

NEW HOURS: Open Tuesday - Sunday 11 am to 9 pm.
Closed Monday


 D&D ROOM RENTAL SPACE FOR 8 only $5 per hour.


*NEW* Pathfinder Spheres of Power RPG Game! 6pm to 9pm. $5 entry. First 6 players in the door play. Come learn to play pathfinder! Bring dice! DM will have everything else needed.  This game starts Nov 5th and will run every Tuesday.

*NEW* Magic the Gathering Pioneer Format Tournament. 5:30pm to 9pm. Pioneer format is the newest non-rotating format in Magic the Gathering. $5 entry. Pack and 1/2 /player prize pool. 


Dragon Ball Super: 6pm – 9pm. FREE PLAY 

Magic the Gathering, Commander Format 5:30pm to 9pm. Free play!


Magic the Gathering Standard Format 5:30pm -9pm. Free Play. Prize support (Promo packs) are awarded to top 6. 

D&D HOME BREW GAME: 5pm to 9pm. $5 entry. Every night is a stand-alone adventure. Characters can be provided or come early and make your own. Please make sure you are on time.  FIRST 8 people in the door get to play.


ARGENT SAGA: 6pm-9pm. Free Play.  Argent Saga is the newest card game to hit the streets. Featured at Gen Con, it has taken off like wildfire. To find out more and learn how to play check out

Argent Saga REVELATIONS Sneak will be on Nov 8th at 6pm. $25 entry.

Argent Saga LGS November tournament will be on Nov 15th at 6pm. $10 entry. Play mats and promo cards will be awarded.


POKEMON LEAGUE: Meets every Saturday. Game starts at 1pm for all events. Please see our Facebook or website for any additional event information.

Cosmic Eclipse Releases November 1.


REG 2:30pm. Game starts at 3pm. $5 entry.  We are fully sanctioned with Konomi and OTS packs for Yugioh. Please check FACEBOOK for any changes to the schedule or special events. 

HERO STRIKE Structure Deck Releases 11/8.

Mystic Fighters Booster Box Releases 11/22.


Cardfight Vanguard! Tournament. 4pm -9pm. FREE PLAY We are fully sanctioned by Bushiroad. Promo cards will be given out as prize support.

Shimemon Nita Trial Deck releases 11/15.

Infinideity Cradle Releases 11/22