Argent Saga TCG: Conviction Expansion Pack 3

Enchantment Alley

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Argent Saga TCG: Conviction Expansion Pack 3
In their thirst for conquest Liam, Mei-Yu, and Jemial have gained control fo 3 towers, and the only 2 that remain are Air and Fire. Raine desperately defends the front lines with his Blazewalkers, but one by one they fall to the mighty power of the Rose Knights. With defeat quickly approaching, the Air people hatched a brilliant plan that could potentially win them the war. Ariana trains Aira to her full potential by harnessing the power of Shardlight! Each augment vastly improves her effectiveness in combat and she has acquired new abilities that can rival foes! On the brink of collapse, Raine surrenders to Liam while begging for the people of the fire tower to be spared, and Liam accepts victory. Liam and jemial send their mighty army to their new objective, the Air Tower! Can Ariana and Aira stop this inevitable force and claim victory over the land of Argos? Become intertwined in this epic battle in Expansion Pack 3: Conviction!

Expansion Pack 3: Conviction
25 Card Pack includes:
(20) New Cards
(5) Full Art Reprint Cards