D&D Prepared 1

Enchantment Alley

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So, your players went off on a tangent?

Hey, we’ve all been there: you wrote pages and pages of brilliant adventure plots, monsters, NPCs and treasure, and the party just walked…right…by. Now what do you do?

Prepared! offers quick solutions to keep the game moving and your players entertained, while you figure out your next move. Here you’ll find mini-adventures for every environment, from lofty mountain peaks to the ruins of a haunted village, and a seat at the bar in the Most Dangerous Tavern in the World.

Here are just a few of the adventure elements in Prepared!, ready to use in any fantasy campaign setting, at a variety of PC levels:

  • An alien factory where victims are drained of their essence and transformed into ethereal horrors
  • An abandoned alchemical lab where one inhuman assistant got left behind
  • The sky literally falling, right in front of the adventurers
  • Goblins who’ve built a most unusual “fortress” in a roadside ditch
  • A mysterious stone terrace rising up out of the snow, with an ancient machine glinting from the topmost level.

With Prepared!, designer Jon Sawatsky has created dozens of 5th Edition Dungeons & Dragonsfantasy scenarios for stuck GMs, lavishly illustrated with maps by Meshon Cantrill. Never be caught without a plot again!