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Weiss Schwarz Kancolle Arrival Box

Weiss Schwarz Kancolle Arrival Box

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Weiss Schwarz: Kancolle: Arrival! Reinforcement Fleets From Europe Booster
• Foreign vessels have arrived on scene, searching for an admiral to lead the fleet! Joining them are popular Fleet Girls like Kashima and Taiho!

• Create your own deck with a ton of new fun cards included in this Booster Pack!

• Will you be the ADMIRAL of these girls, and lead the fleet to victory?

• ※Cards in this Booster Pack may be used together with cards with card number beginning with「KC/」!

• SP sign cards from the various Japanese voice actors randomly inserted in packs!!

• WHAT'S MORE, SP versions of existing KanColle cards from the following Japanese voice actors are included as carton toppers!!!

• 100 types of cards + 25 parallels
• 8 cards per pack
• 20 packs per box