Zandra Voorhies and the Piasa Wand by M.T. Fisher

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Zandra Voorhies has never been one to stand aside and let injustice prevail.So when she moves to the New World in 1780 to set up shop as a wandmaker, she gets herself into trouble much more often than her profession should account for. In between trips to the countryside for wand infusion materials, which she acquires from the many mysterious magical creatures that roam about the New World, she finds herself freeing slaves, helping native tribes who have come down with smallpox, and even getting caught up in a battle that turns out to be part of a much bigger war which has only just begun. Then comes the day when a mysterious stranger asks for a wand infused with a fang sliver from the dreaded Piasa Bird. When Zandra enters the bird's lair, she has unknowingly set in motion a series of events which will lead her to creating the greatest wand ever made in the New World, and it will end in a final confrontation with an old enemy....In this debut novel by M. T. Fisher, join Zandra on her breathtaking adventures as she overcomes prejudice, magical beasts, and a much bigger foe who threatens to undo everything Zandra has done for the downtrodden in the New World.


Pages 396